Xeniya Kim

Стаж преподавания:
2 года
Образование: Казахский Государственный Университет им. Аль-Фараби
Hello !
My name is Xeniya and I am from Almaty, Kazakhstan.
My passion is learning foreign languages. It is a great way to travel passively and elevate mind. Language is the most beautiful curiosity of every country as it reflects culture, mentality and development features of society.
I am a former laboratory assistant. I participated in scientific projects concerning cancer and the immune system. Doing research is similar to teaching — both require constant and lifelong self-education.
I believe that no matter what we do, we must enjoy the process and give our heart and soul. My ambition is not only teach students English or French but to instill the thirst of knowledge, to help them realize their cognitive potential.
Each student is unique and needs an individual approach. I would be glad if you contact me so that we could discuss and choose the best learning strategy.

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