Jacob Sowers

Teaching Experience:
15 years
Education: TESOL Certificate, 2010 PhD Geography, 2003 MA Geography, 2000 BA History (Minor, geography).
Courses: Conversational English, IELTS and TOEFL preparation, Cambridge exam preparation (FCE, CAE, CPE),Business English, General English
For fifteen years I have been the lead instructor for nearly thirty different courses in over 150 classroom situations—in each case I was completely responsible for the course’s curriculum, delivery, assessment, and sometimes creation. I have taught college undergraduate and graduate college courses in geography (cultural, physical, GIS, and field methods) and community planning at four US universities, two as a full time tenure-track professor. Classroom experiences have ranged from directed reading, computer based labs, and lectures—ranging from four to over 300 students. I also have experience using the blackboard platform to teach distant/online learners. I have an impeccable teaching record earning top teaching evaluations in each of the thirty semesters. I estimate that I have taught over 3000 students, with many going on to be teachers themselves and utilizing my classroom techniques and philosophy.
The past year I have developed and delivered a culturally-focused pedagogy for English to dozens of Chinese English teachers and ~1000 Chinese students.
Finally, I moved to Kazakhstan in August 2017 and very excited to see you at my lessons or meet you online in case if you cannot attend classes in person.

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