Arshidin Khassiyarov

Стаж преподавания:
4 года
Образование: Logistics at the University of Applied Sciencies Wildau (Germany).
Преподаю курсы: Немецкий, Разговорный английский, Английский для школьников и дошкольников, Английский для путешествий

I am currently a Bachelor student at the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology of the al-Farabi Kazakh National University. I also studied Logistics at the University of Applied Sciencies Wildau (Germany). Ever since I was a child I wanted to learn foreign languages. To nurse my inquisitiveness I visited language courses in Kazakhstan, Germany and England. I lived about three years in Germany and improved my skills in English and German languages. With my growing knowledge, the desire to become a language-teacher grew even stronger. Now I decided to share my knowledge with other people. In my lessons I pay special attention to speaking-skills, because I’m sure that speaking is the key to understanding the language. With each of my students we try to create the most suitable training program for her or him. Moreover, I have a lot of different hobbies: travelling, playing guitar, reading books, breeding exotic animals (I have 12 snakes at home) and also learning something new for me. I hope that my lessons will be useful for every kind of students! See you at my lessons at IBH!

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