Altynay Zhengis

Стаж преподавания:
4 года
Образование: Kazakh state women`s teacher training university
Преподаю курсы: Разговорный английский, Английский для школьников и дошкольников, Английский для путешествий, Бизнес-английский

Of course, first of all, I was interested in English language and was looking for a profession which was related to it. I was accepted to the university, at the same time I started working in IBH as an English teacher for kids. I liked it so much so I began to give more and more classes from elementary to upper intermediate levels. As a teacher I have been working almost 4 years , and I am in love with it.
I am that kind of person who loves to discover new things and kin to new opportunities. Talking about my professional development, I obtained the qualification taking courses for teachers in North Cyprus, Famagusta, and Eastern Mediterranean University. Also I was working in the USA, Jacksonville, state Florida as a kindergarten teacher for young age children in 2017.
My teaching methods are only new ones where I mostly pay attention to speaking, as even people, who know the grammar and their vocabulary is not bad, have difficulties in speaking. They might be afraid of speaking, having a barrier, not feeling confident.
In my free time I like studying new languages, doing crafts and reading physiological books.
I would like to encourage my student to improve their language skills, never stop learning, and work hard because everything depends on you!

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